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5 Best Selling Northface Backpacks

When it comes to backpack selection, one of the most widely recognized name has to be none other than Northface (or North Face). They may not be selling the most stylish backpack, but they sure do offer one of the best value for money. If you are looking for a backpack that is highly practical and durable, here is a list of 5 Best-Selling Northface Backpacks to get you started with.


Anyone who has things like books, food, clothes or just about anything to carry around would probably appreciate a well made backpack to do all the hauling. While it is usually hard to find a good brand with reliable bags, it is not so with Northface. For years, backpacks sold by Northface have earned their reputation as being tough and you are pretty much assured of buying a bag that is durable and long lasting. The Northface Borealis is the brand’s best-selling model right now and it is very much well-suited for college use. Because of the brand name and quality craftsmanship, it comes in a single size but there are different colors and you get a great bag for quite a decent price tag.


It seems like a few Northface backpacks hover around the $50-$100 price range, including the Jester Red Clay Plaid Backpack. This one has some kind of elastic mesh over the front so you could hang the bag from overhead hooks if desired. Though the name makes sure to mention red, there are a few different colors to choose from with this backpack. You can have it shipped right to your door which is just a matter of convenience of course. This bag is out of stock in a few big stores including Amazon because it just so popular right now.




Some Northface backpacks are more expensive but that doesn’t do a lot to stem their sales. The North Face Surge II Backpack is going for about $110 right now on websites like eBay. Getting the bag new is best but if you don’t mind the used status, you could get one secondhand at some substantial savings if you know the right market. It is one of the best selling Northface bags because it can stand up to an awful lot of abuse. In addition, this threshold usually qualifies the bag for free shipping. This is only a small bonus and no reason to buy one of these bags!


For bolder, brighter and more colorful designs which are also selling well, you should check out the North Face Big Shot Daypack. Like the name implies, the thing is huge, much bigger than the standard school backpack. Among all Northface’s collection of backpacks, this is one of the biggest around. So if the item you need to carry won’t fit inside it, no bag from Northface is going to do the job for you. Because of its greater size and capacity, this back is capable of carting around even bulky laptop computers. There is a special, padded slot designed just for that purpose which is one reason the price on this backpack is higher.


For a similar amount of money, you could get the last of the 5 best selling Northface backpacks. The company’s Heckler Day Pack is a light but strong bag suited to carrying throughout the day. It is ideal for hikers or other people interacting with wilderness, or those who just want a bag that isn’t going to fall apart when it gets wet. It has lots of ports and small loops for the cords on all your electronic devices so you don’t need to maim this bag for the purpose of carrying those items around. People are snatching it up even if the price seems like a lot to me, especially to most college students.

Now that you have seen the best Northface backpacks, have you found one that suits your need? If not, do check out our curated collection of best backpacks for girls for more alternatives.

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