Zooming in on Teton Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

Feb 02

When hiking presents challenges that demand the very best from you, it is critical to bring to the trail equipment that performs at the very highest levels as well. Durability, utility, and the epitome of efficient design is a must for hiking equipment that is designed to aid in success. Where backpacks are concerned, optimized and specially designed equipment must...

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Looking for High Sierra Backpacks? Here is Their Best-Seller List

Jan 25

It may not seem like it, but choosing a backpack for college is a critical decision that will affect nearly everyday of your career as a student. A high-quality backpack can stay with you through graduation, so it’s worth spending a few minutes going over your priorities and researching what’s available. It would take more space than I have here to...

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Thule Crossover: A Backpack that Understands a Geek’s Many Needs

Jan 13

At first, I had my doubts about purchasing the Thule Crossover Backpack because of its powerful cost. I had thought of other alternatives and had considered obtaining one of the SwissGear portable computer knapsacks that I see all my individual Metro Rail riders wear. The Story Thule Crossover Backpack What kept me from making that mistake was that bothering feeling...

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SwissGear ScanSmart Backpack: To Buy or Not To Buy

Jan 07

SwissGear Backpacks, made by Wenger, are among the most popular knapsacks in the world. Wenger is a company located in Switzerland famous for its Swiss Army knives. Since being acquired by Victorinox in 2005, though, Wenger has begun manufacturing backpacks through its SwissGear line. Since then, the brand has been building solid track records and excellent rapport...

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Behind the Popularity of Case Logic DLBP Laptop Backpacks

Dec 23

At one time, Case Logic CD cases were a ubiquitous product found in every music collector’s household. In recent years, though, the Boulder, Colorado brand, which was founded in 1984, has expanded their product line to manufacture bags for tablets and e-readers, laptops, camera, and phones. Since then, Case Logic has built fine reputation and attracted clout-like...

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Great Collection of Laptop Backpacks

Apr 26

Once you’ve purchased a laptop you’ll be anxious to start using it immediately but it’s important to keep in mind how you plan to transport it from place to place. Making sure that it is kept safe and secure should be the number one priority as it’s important to protect your new investment. With that in mind let’s take a look at the best laptop backpack...

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