What’s in Targus Drifter II that Makes it such a Popular Backpack?

Dec 19


The Targus Drifter II Laptop Backpack is an insulated bag that handily fits laptops while protecting them with padding and extra space for things like clothing, books, day journals, or other items. It is an excellent deal, and helps to keep the hard-drive on the laptop protected during walking, traveling, or commuting.

One question that many are hoping to get an answer from reading Targus backpack reviews is “What is the difference between Targus Drifter II and Targus Drifter II Plus?”. The two share much in common with few differences. We’ll get down to it at the end of this backpack review.

Design Highlights

Recommended for College Uses

Designed to fit laptops that have 17-inch screens, the Targus Drifter II Laptop Backpack is a great choice for school or commuting due to its compact nature, the double water bottles on the side, and the water-resistant case, which is reinforced on the bottom so that when the consumer sets the backpack down on to a wet piece of pavement it does not seep through and affect the computer in any way.

With multiple zippered areas, the backpack allows for side pockets that are convenient, easy to access, and sturdy. The backpack stands up over time, is durable, has excellent performance ratings, and repels moisture though it, technically, is not waterproof.

Choose between 16-inch or 17-inch Laptop

Today, 17-inch laptops are increasingly common while the larger proportion still belongs to the smaller 11-, 13- and 14-inch models. Depending on the size of your laptop, the Drifter II comes in 2 sizes.

If you have a 17-inch notebook, you may want to go for the bigger unit. Dimension of the 17-inch model measures 20.08″x14.57″x7.87″. If you have a smaller notebook size, you may want to opt for the smaller unit that measures 17.72″x13.78″x9.10″.

The bigger sibling weighs 2.80lbs or just a tiny fraction heavier than its smaller sibling that comes in at 2.60lbs.

It is significantly affordable, built for durability, and also for strength. One can put many items into it and depend on it to hold up over time and be able to take the weight that a laptop can add to a bag.

If you are in college, you know that books and clothing can add additional weight to your backpack. The fact that this bag is durable enough to take on such weight makes it one of the most popular backpacks for college.


The Targus Drifter II Laptop backpack is made of nylon itself, and the zipper pulls are constructed to work properly, and not fall apart or come off the track in any way while the user is trying to zip the compartments.

The backpack is not overly bulky, does not look overly weighty, and is easy to carry from various angles, either as a backpack or as a tote bag of sorts with the top handle allowing that kind of use.

Nylon is a great material for a backpack because it is tough to tear, allows the rain to bead on it without overly saturating it, and also repels dirt and moisture in general, which is a consideration with a laptop bag.

The bag also insulates the laptop itself, important considering that the cold weather will shatter a LCD screen if even a small amount of moisture is involved. The Targus Drifter II then is a good choice for protecting the screen from overly cold weather or weather in general.

The weight of other things being carried in the backpack also does not put strain on the computer the way that it is situated and carried generally. This allows the consumer to enjoy the freedom from worrying about strain on the computer that could lead to destruction of the hard drive or screen damage.

Targus Drifter II vs Targus Drifter II Plus

A step above, in size, is the Targus Drifter II Plus, which offers the same set of benefits but also sports the following differences. The Plus series comes with metal cable handles along with a trolley-style strap which allows for ease of transport. The upsized series also comes with accessory pockets that effectively means increased space in terms of compartments.

If you like to put your cell phone and tablet on your backpack, the additional room offered in the Plus series will be a delight to you.

In summary, Targus seems to have hit most of the design aspects right with the Drifter II model. The upgraded Plus edition is mainly meant for those who requires that extra bit of space, albeit at the cost of slightly bulkier design.

The Verdict

With hundreds of satisfied reviews, it is hard to deny the success that Targus has accomplished in the Drifter II design. The plain design is certainly not for everyone (especially if you are looking for stylish backpack to carry your laptop around) but if you are a typical college guy looking for a backpack that works best, this would be it.

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