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5 Best-Selling Drawstring Backpack

The mention of backpacks brings to mind images of big and bulky bags that one carries on their back. Unlike the ordinary backpacks we see everyday, a drawstring backpack is not intended for heavy use or to carry heavy weights. The design of this type of backpack is usually very simple. It is no wonder that lots of people are able to come up with their own DIY drawstring backpack. It may sound pretty simple to come up with your own customized design but when you barely have enough time for anything else, the next best option would be to go for off-the-shelf solution. Since it is quite simple to manufacture, it does not cost that much to purchase one of these backpacks.


Drawstring backpack may be lightweight, but it can be highly useful in many scenarios. If you frequent the gym or swimming pool often enough, you will appreciate the lightweightness of such backpack. All you need is a backpack that is easy and convenient to use as you normally use it to store and carry few pieces of clothes, towel and probably few small bottles of soap and shampoo. Aside from gym regulars, hikers is another group of people who love the lightweightness of drawstring backpacks.

If you are looking for a backpack and has no clue on where to start, below is a list containing some of the most popular drawstring backpacks.

1. Nike Team Training Gymsack

Finding a good bag is always such a hassle. If you just look at grocery stores and how their plastic bags seem to be getting thinner and crappier, you will have an idea of the same problem facing the backpack industry. Right now there are still some really good makes and models on the market and as always, the products which give the greatest satisfaction to the highest number of users are going to sell the best. The NIKE Team Training Gymsack is pretty cheap for drawstring backpack and it comes with an additional zipper pocket, something most of these sacks lack.

2. Jenzys’ Leopard Print Drawstring Bag with Pink Trim

Nike’s training gymsack may be cool but some of you, especially ladies, would not go for it. Instead, you may be looking for something that is more fashionable or well, cute in a sense. If you are one of them, then the next leopard printed drawstring bag offered by Jenzys is an example of cheap bags gone great. It is the perfect size for a beach bag as it will fit a towel and some lotion or sunscreen but this small carrier also holds a change of clothes or something else you know you’re going to need. If you are planning for a vacation or a more adventurous trip where you foresee that your Coach handbag is not something that you would want to bring, this might be something that you should seriously consider.


3. Online Superstore Plus’ Mesh Sack with Pockets

The Mesh Sack with Pockets available from Online Superstore Plus is another small and affordable option for people seeking dependable drawstring backpacks. It comes in a few different solid color schemes and there’s really nothing flashy here, just a backpack base with mesh pockets meant for holding anything that will fit in this container. There are some zippers on the front pockets but that’s about it as far as security goes with this thing. It is a simple bag which might have a lot to do with why it is selling so well on Amazon and through other retailers.

4. Augusta Sportswear’s Tri-color Backpack

At least the previous models that we have highlighted so far were stylish in a sense. The Augusta Sportswear Tri-Color Backpack 1920 is still functional but it is admittedly one of the ugliest bags I’ve ever seen. There are a few different color patterns so you can switch it up and find one that looks at least good, but there’s nothing to be done to make this bag look great or really pop. It is still one of the 5 best selling drawstring backpacks right now thanks to its low cost of about $10 each and its wide availability. Just don’t put this thing in the dryer since it is made of nylon.

5. LD Bags’ Cinch String Sack Backpack

LD Bags’ string sack backpack is the next cool option that you might want to consider. When you are out to the gym or swimming pool, wallet may be the last thing that anyone would want to carry. When you are out in such places, you would either deposit your bag in the locker or in some cases, just leave it on the bench unattended. Instead of risking the loss of your wallets and bunch of money and credit cards, one would rather leave the wallet at home. But at the very least, you need to bring your key and usually some coins. That is where the zip pocket found on this drawstring backpack would come in handy. In addition, the microfiber material used is surprisingly good, better than what you would have expected with the price that comes with it. Better still, you have the luxury of choosing from 27 unique designs. I have to say that I love the polka dot patterns the most.

If you are looking for a drawstring backpack that is not only functional but also fashionable, I am sure you have a better understanding on what to expect.

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