5 Cutest Backpacks for Girls

Mar 21

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Get Your Girls Excited with School with Lovely Backpacks

Unarguably, schooling is one of the most important part to a child’s development. Yet, it is one thing that is most disliked by most kids if you ask them honestly. While there have been attempts in recent times to make school or education more fun and interesting for children, the thought of long hours in the classroom will surely cast strong dissentment among them.

Well, one of the thing that you could do to try and cheer up your kids or even motivate them to pack their text books is by letting them have backpacks that make them look good. Here are 5 of the Cutest Backpacks for Girls that will make going to school fun again for your girls.

The Options

#1 Cutest Backpacks for Girls: Quilt with Cute Designs

While the school year may be winding down for most students in the younger crowd, this is still a good time to take advantage of great deals on items your kids will be able to use when they go back to school. While this could mean pens, pencils, paper and the like, in this instance it does not.

If you’re looking for the cutest backpacks for girls, you’ve come to the right place. The Stephen Joseph Girls 2-6X Quilted Backpack comes in a variety of styles with unique looks and embroidery. Any little girl would be happy to get one of these for school.

#2 Cutest Girls Backpacks: The Rolling Backpack (Luggage)

If you’re looking for backpacks for girls that come in cotton and are still machine washable, the Stephen Joseph 2-6X Rolling Luggage isn’t quite going to do it for you. This is a little tougher than the first but these are both good backpacks for girls.

The number of designs for this model is also significantly fewer, so there is very little room for a young sense of style to flourish. This bag is made from nylon so putting it through a dryer could be disastrous; you must keep this one clean by hand.

In recent years, there has been increasing spotlight on health and safety. This results in growing number of parents who are opting for backpacks with wheels. This option takes the heavy load of your girls’ back. They will no longer feel going to school is a drag.

Disney Cinderella Backpack

The Disney princesses are a very popular lot with most little girls. Getting a backpack with the right lady on the back could get your daughter smiling nice and big, at least for a little while.

As far as the cutest backpacks for girls, The Disney Girls 2-6X Cinderella Backpack isn’t a bad choice. Different designs cost different amounts of money and you can’t really do much to customize the look of this backpack. However, it is already a rather beautiful thing. The coating on the face makes sure the picture beneath stays sharp even when the bag gets dirty too.

Disney Cinderella Backpack
Spring Flowers Pattern
Kiddie Play Backpack

Lovely Backpack with Spring Flower Patterns

Flowers, their shapes and floral patterns are typically also popular with young girls. The Trail Maker Spring Flowers Pattern comes in a few choices of colors, but perhaps the bright pink and deep red flowers together make the best possible look. The whole bag is made from polyester so you can’t really throw it in a dryer on high heat if you want this backpack to survive.

With a price tag that does not cost more than couple of meals, the price is definitely right and this is inarguably one of the cutest backpacks for girls around right now. If your little girl isn’t into flowers, you might want to steer clear of this one.

Kiddie Play Backpack

Sugarbooger comes in last on this last, not because of the product quality but from being placed in a totally random order. In fact, at $17 or less this is one of the cheapest bags among the five here. It is also decidedly cute, plastered all over with images of those Russian dolls that open up and swallow one another.

There are lots of small flowers and greens on this solid white backing with red straps to really make this bag stand out. It is one of the cutest backpacks for girls right now. Keep your eyes open for the Sugarbooger Kiddie Play BackPack.

Time to Make the Pick

Now that you’ve seen some of the cutest backpacks that are available for your girls, to pick only 1 is the hardest part. Keep in mind that these cute backpacks are not meant for heavy usage.

If you think these backpacks are too cute and you prefer something more practical, check out our handpicked selection of great college backpacks that are optimally designed for college students.

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