Looking for High Sierra Backpacks? Here is Their Best-Seller List

Jan 25


It may not seem like it, but choosing a backpack for college is a critical decision that will affect nearly everyday of your career as a student. A high-quality backpack can stay with you through graduation, so it’s worth spending a few minutes going over your priorities and researching what’s available.

It would take more space than I have here to examine all your options, but these High Sierra backpack reviews are a good place to start.

College Backpack vs Other Backpacks

Unlike a pack designed for hiking, a college backpack must be durable enough for daily use and strong enough to carry heavy books and electronic devices.

It should be comfortable and big enough to hold all your stuff, with plenty of pockets to keep everything secure and organized. And finally, the color and style should be in line with your personality, since you’ll be wearing it most everyday.

Where Does High Sierra Fit in the Universe of Backpack Makers?

Brand names are important. They provide a good indication of a product’s quality and reliability. So whenever I make an important buying decision, I try to familiarize myself with the major manufacturers involved in order to get the lay of the land.

So let’s take a look at the major players in the backpack universe.

Although there are a lot of backpack manufacturers, only a few have the reputation for quality and reliability that set them above the rest. In my opinion, the four best-known, high-quality backpack manufacturers are: North Face, JanSport, Dakine and High Sierra.

Just where does High Sierra fit in this group? High Sierra’s design and quality are in the same league as the others, but with a slightly lower price.

They are the 10th largest outdoor company in the U.S., providing bags to the U.S. Ski and Snowboarding teams. So they provide brand name recognition without being expensive like North Face or overexposed and commonplace like JanSport.

Although not as colorful and stylish as Dakine, High Sierra’s functional designs can go anywhere, from class to the office of your conservative internship job. Overall, High Sierra is moderately-priced, well-designed and well-known.

High Sierra’s Top-Selling Series

Of the 46 styles of backpack offered by High Sierra, three stand out as exceptional backpack choices for college. All three are simple backpacks without a supporting frame or wheels.

Backpacks with wheels and handles give your back a break. But for most students, the extra bulk of the frame is unnecessary and cumbersome. These three styles are the ones I think most students will appreciate.

The High Sierra Access Backpack

This is the largest of the three, capable of carrying a big load comfortably. It features a roomy front compartment that can be accessed from the side.

The computer sleeve will safely store most 17-inch notebook computers within the fully-padded Cushion Zone. An easy-access media pocket holds cell phones and media players, and a multi-pocket organizer secures pens, pencils and keys. There’s even a sleeve for your tablet computer.

The S-Shaped shoulder straps are made from Vapel mesh Airflow padding and are designed to work in conjunction with a built-in suspension system that makes the weight ride softly on your shoulders.

Made from durable, ripstop nylon, the pack is water-resistant and comes with a rain cover you can pull out when caught in a downpour.

The High Sierra Loop Backpack

This is the little brother of the Access backpack, smaller, but still roomy enough for a good load. It sports the same S-Shaped Vapel Mesh padded shoulder straps and integrated suspension system as the Access.

Inside are three zippered pockets, and outside are two side pockets for a water bottle or cell phone. Unfortunately, there is no padded computer sleeve. However, the Loop Backpack comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, making this a fun choice for many people.

The High Sierra Boondock Backpack

This is the smallest of the three, with a roomy main compartment, a loft pocket for small items, two side pockets, and an open mesh storage pocket. The shoulder straps are the same S-Shaped, padded design as on the Access and Loop backpacks.

This no-nonsense, down-to-earth backpack looks smart and wears easily.

The Key Takeaways

Whew! I Just Wanted a Good Backpack!

I never knew there was so much involved in buying a backpack until I went to college and had to rely on one day-in and day-out. I learned what was important and now I’m passing that hard-won knowledge on to you. I hope these High Sierra backpack reviews provide a guide to help you make informed decisions.

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