5 Best-Selling Backpacks for College Students

Nov 11


College is the phase of our life where we do the most of everything, well, except for the money part. While studying hard is one pre-requisite that knows no compromise, we should always remember to play hard to. Trust me, the most fun part of your life would soon be over before you know it. Today, the most likely reason why you are here is because you feel that you have worked hard and you deserve a good backpacks for college. After all, it might have been few years ago since you last went around shopping for your backpack. If you are overwhelmed and not sure where to start rolling the ball, here is a handpicked list of popular backpacks as recommended by most college students.


College is a lot of fun. It is a time in a person’s life when he or she learns a lot. That doesn’t just mean learning a skill or figuring out the things they want to do with life but also includes learning how to save money. College life is expensive so getting great gear at rock bottom prices is very important. High Sierra Loop Backpack is an amazing piece of work. It is one of the most popular and best backpacks for college students. It comes in about 16 different color schemes so there is a fair amount of choice. This backpack comes with multiple compartments which should give you plenty of room to carry all the essential items that typical college students would ever need. Last but not least, I found this backpack to be reasonably priced which makes it college student-friendly especially in the current economic times where recent reports found that parents are paying less for their kids’ college bills.


Finding items when they are on sale for significantly less than normal is a skill everyone needs to develop. Shopping with coupons is one way to cut down your monthly bills but there are others too.

Going with a large drawstring bag like the Targus Drifter II Backpack means you get a decent sized bag for a fair price. Designed as backpacks for college life, Targus Drifter II is an awesome piece that is both friendly to your pocket and at the same time, heavy on functionalities. This Targus backpack is designed to perfectly fit a laptop, something that no college student can do away with. It comes with two size options, namely the 16 and 17 inches. Which size you would need depends on your laptop size. If you have a 11- or 13-inch Macbook Air, then the 16-inch option might be all you need.

By the way, if you are thinking of buying the Macbook Air, you may want to check out Apple’s Back to School Program 2013 and here is the page if you want to check out the deals offered by Apple’s Online Store for Education.

Keep in mind though that the price difference between the two options is not significant. Some guys would simply go for the bigger option and there is no harm to this. However, if you usually leave your heavy textbooks in the campus and do not usually fill your backpack to the brim, it can be slightly uncomfortable carrying a backpack that is too big and half-empty.




Among the best backpacks for college students, some of the most expensive ones are actually also some of the best choices around. For instance, Thule Crossover Backpack (32L capacity) is made from thick, tough and durable nylon. The threads used to make the mesh also have interwoven aluminum fibers to give the bags innards greater strength without adding any significant amount of weight. Thule makes a number of great backpacks for college students and this model is of no exception. This bag has a crushproof compartment which means you can drop it, toss it or even fall and land on the thing but your goods will remain safe and sound inside. While the brand is recognized as one of the finer backpack makers, Thule backpack price is usually the only lowdown among cash-strapped college students. Well, if you can stretch your budget beyond $100, Thule bags are certainly among the coolest options available to you.


That’s not nearly all though. There are some great, smaller and cheaper choices for college students on a stricter budget. The Belkin Slim 15-inch is another great line-up of backpacks for college use. The Belkin Slim 15-inch Notebook Polyester Backpack is great for carting around your computer as long as the display isn’t too large.

One thing about Belkin’s backpacks that you don’t get to hear that often is the Belkin backpack warranty. According to this official product page, this Belkin slim backpack comes with limited lifetime warranty. If you do not have a lot of money to spend for your college backpack, then this is an a nice option. Belkin backpack price is known to be affordable. While you may not get the best of comfort and functionality at this price, the design of Belkin backpack is surely looking good.


The Case Logic DLBP-114 is actually the smallest out of these five great backpacks for college use but that doesn’t make it any less useful for college students. There are enough small pockets on the front of this bag t organize all your electronic devices with each handheld having its own space. These compartments leave enough room for the device and charger as well in some cases. If you want it in a rarer color like red, you’re going to pay 3-5 times more for this bag which is not a drawstring backpack. That’s a jump from about $40 for the black to $150 for the red.

These are probably the best backpacks for college students that are selling in the market currently. Remember that college is the most fun time of your life. You should not be asking “Do I need a backpack for college?” as it is one essential gear that every college guy would need. Make sure you pick one that is not only heavy on functionality, but also one that makes you look cool and fresh. Still can’t find what you love? Try our handpicked list of best North Face backpacks for college. If the above collection is too dull for you, make sure you check out these cute backpacks and you may find few models that are suitable for college use. If you are particularly looking at great backpacks to carry your notebook around, make sure you check our latest pick of the highest rated laptop backpacks.

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